Self Driving

  1. Payment Terms
    1. The rental fee is as stated in the Invoice in accordance with the initial agreement between JAXCAR and the Tenant.
    2. Off-key rental fees are calculated on the basis of the basic rental costs of the vehicle that are not related to the operation of the vehicle (such as fuel costs, tolls, parking, delivery fees and/or collection of vehicles to the tenant’s address, 10% VAT, etc.), unless otherwise stated by and between JAXCAR with Tenants.
    3. Payment must be made at “EARLY” by the Tenant, before using the rental service (maximum 4 hours before the rental time starts and/or after the Tenant is declared “Verified” by the administration of the lease). Unless there are unexpected additional costs that occur during the rental period (such as Extend Rental Period, Overtime, etc.), then payment can be made later.
    4. If the Tenant states that he will extend the rental service period and/or Overtime, he must notify JAXCAR in advance and complete the payment in accordance with the amount of Additional Rental Fees and/or Overtime that has been mutually agreed upon (maximum 4 hours before the rental period ends).
    5. Payment can be made by the Tenant through means such as: credit card (Visa, Master, AMEX, BCA), Virtual Account transfer, or transfer to a bank account belonging to JAXCAR, unless in certain conditions stated otherwise by JAXCAR.
    6. In certain conditions (especially for Tenants in the form of “Entities” which are declared valid and still valid under the laws and regulations in Indonesia), JAXCAR has the right to ask the Tenants to pay an advance payment in advance and when they have finished using the rental service, the user must complete the lack of payment. billing through means such as: credit card (Visa, Master, AMEX, BCA), Virtual Account transfer, or transfer to a bank account belonging to JAXCAR.
    7. If there are additional costs such as lack of fuel filling (the fuel stock indicator after the rental is finished is not the same/less than before the rental starts), excess usage distance/kilometers, dirty car condition (exterior and/or interior), etc. will be billed directly by JAXCAR to the lessee after the end of the lease term.
    8. Passenger insurance is not included in the rental rate. If needed, it can be pre-arranged.
    9. VAT (V.A.T) is non-refundable for any Credit Memo Terms.
    10. For rental cancellations for any reason, the rent paid will automatically be forfeited / non-refundable
  2. Rental Terms and Conditions
    1. Minimum age to rent is 20 years old and maximum is 60 years old
    2. Must include supporting documents, such as Domicile Certificate (if the domicile address is different from the KTP address) and/or Work Certificate and/or other supporting documents that can be accounted for.
    3. Especially for bookings in Aceh, tenants (WNI and WNA) who are domiciled outside the Aceh area, MUST stay/temporarily stay at least 5 (five) consecutive days in Aceh accompanied by proof (airfare and/or lodging)
    4. The tenant must fill out the online form informing the following documents and data before signing the rental agreement (in the form of original photo / photocopy of the document which can be sent via Email and/or JAXCAR’s Whatsapp Number):
      1. Electronic-KTP or Passport (Tenant’s ID)
      2. SIM A
      3. Family Card (KK)
      4. KITAS/KITAP (Khusus WNA)
      5. Emergency Contact (family who can be contacted), in the form of: Name, Address, Telephone/HP Number, Relationship with Tenant)
      6. Office ID CARD / Name Card / Work Certificate (Private Employees / other agencies)
      7. Proof of Business Legality (Entrepreneur / Entrepreneur)
      8. BPJS card
    5. The lessee must submit one of the following (ORIGINAL) documents first (in this case, the “Guarantee Document”), before signing the lease agreement:
      1. Electronic-KTP or Passport (Tenant’s ID)
      2. SIM C / vehicle registration vehicle belonging to the Tenant along with the renter’s motorbike
    6. The lessee agrees to pick up the vehicle at the start of the lease (in this case it is called “early handover”) at the domicile location of the head office / branch office / representative office / JAXCAR location points throughout Aceh (in this case it is called: “JAXCAR office ”) and/or the location of the Tenant’s address and/or other location as agreed between JAXCAR and the Tenant.
    7. The lessee agrees to return the vehicle in good and complete condition after the end of the rental period (in this case it is called: “final handover”) according to the location at the time of the initial handover or at a location as mutually agreed upon by the lessee and JAXCAR.
    8. When handing over the car unit, it cannot be represented by anyone.
    9. The lessee is willing to pay an additional fee if the initial handover and/or late handover is done other than at the JAXCAR office location. The amount of the additional fee depends on the distance traveled which is calculated from the distance from the JAXCAR office to the vehicle handover location.
    10. Tenants are willing to pay Overtime if the usage exceeds the specified time limit. Overtime fee is: 10% per hour of the total rental price, and the maximum overtime limit is 3 hours. If the overtime is more than 3 hours, a 1 day rental fee will be charged.
    11. If the vehicle is ticketed / accident / damaged / theft / lost, the Renter is required to contact and report to JAXCAR as soon as possible and submit immediately the lost documents and all supporting data to the JAXCAR partner insurance company.
    12. In the event of a fine by the police, all costs incurred will be the responsibility of the Tenant. And STNK may not be used as a document detention to the Police. If the rental period ends and the STNK is not returned, a fine of Rp. 500,000; (Five hundred thousand rupiah).
    13. If vehicle documents (eg: STNK) are lost, the Renter will be responsible for all costs incurred for processing these documents until a new document (STNK) is issued from the competent authority.
    14. After the end of the rental period, if in a moment and/or in the future it is proven that the vehicle has experienced an electronic ticket (E-TLE) due to a traffic violation by the tenant. Then the tenant is obliged and willing to be billed and pay the entire burden of electronic ticket fees recorded for the tenant’s violation.
    15. If the vehicle has an accident/damage either partially or completely caused by anything, the tenant must be responsible for replacing all repair costs according to the real costs incurred (price transparency between JAXCAR and the tenant), or at least Rp. 500,000; (Five Hundred Thousand Rupiah) per event for insurance claim.
    16. If the vehicle is stolen/lost, the Tenant shall be responsible for reimbursement of all costs for repairs/spare parts replacement/replacement for the management of insurance claim submissions until completion according to the real costs incurred (price transparency between JAXCAR and the Tenants).
    17. If the vehicle has an accident / damage caused by anything, in addition to being obliged to pay compensation for repairs / insurance according to point (20) above, the Tenant is also obliged to pay rental fees during the vehicle repair process at the workshop / repair process through the insurance until it is completed.
    18. Any extension and/or cancellation of the rental period must be notified in advance to JAXCAR. In the event of an extension of the rental period, the Tenant must inform JAXCAR at least 1 day before the end of the rental period.
    19. The use of vehicles is only allowed within the areas of Aceh and Sabang Provinces and/or with a maximum radius limit of 250 (Two Hundred and Fifty) Kilometers. It is strictly forbidden to bring vehicles outside the area.
    20. Especially for bookings in the Banda Aceh area, it is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to use a vehicle to the island of Sabang.
    21. The maximum mileage per day is 240 (Two Hundred Forty) Kilometers and/or multiples during the rental period. If it turns out that the use of the vehicle exceeds the specified maximum limit, then the TENANT agrees to be charged an additional fee of Rp. 2,000 (Two Thousand Rupiah) / Kilometer.
    22. If the Tenant is found to be using a vehicle outside the Aceh Province area or not in accordance with the first agreement when renting, then JAXCAR has the right to give a warning, collect a fine, “engine off” the vehicle, and forcibly take the vehicle at the last location of the vehicle without the consent of the Tenant.
    23. The costs incurred for picking up the vehicle at its last location which are caused by the Tenant’s intention and/or negligence, shall be borne by the Tenant.
    24. The lessee will indemnify JAXCAR unconditionally from any claims arising from the termination of the lease.
    25. Renters are prohibited from lending vehicles to minors and/or other people who do not have a driving license from the authorities as evidenced by a driving license (SIM).
    26. The Tenant is prohibited from lending the vehicle to another person in which the Tenant knows that the person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or uses the vehicle for criminal purposes/activities.
    27. Renters are prohibited from using the vehicle for racing, campaigning, or for any purpose and for any reason that is prohibited and contrary to the laws in force in Indonesia.
    28. Tenants are prohibited from lending, leasing back, giving, and/or transferring to other parties as a gift/Pledge (collateral)/whatever and for any reason.
    29. Renters are prohibited from driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol or using it for criminal activities
    30. Tenants are required to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle, both interior and exterior. Renters and passengers are prohibited from smoking in the vehicle. If it is proven that smoking is in the vehicle, the Tenant will be subject to a fine of Rp. 500,000; (Five hundred thousand rupiah).
    31. When the Renter returns the vehicle (final handover), the position of the Fuel must be the same as the position of the fuel when it was first handed over by JAXCAR (early handover). And if it does not match, then JAXCAR has the right to ask for a replacement to the Tenant in the amount of Rp. 50,000; (Fifty Thousand Rupiah) per bar
    32. At the time of returning the vehicle (final handover), the lessee is required to return the vehicle in a complete and clean condition (exterior and interior). JAXCAR will not bear the cost if the vehicle is returned in a dirty condition (exterior) and also if the interior of the vehicle contains spilled drinks (Coffee, Soda, Milk, etc.), vomit, and even garbage scattered in the car. If this happens, then JAXCAR will charge a minimum washing fee of Rp. 100,000; (One hundred thousand rupiah).
    33. Changes to the rental schedule can be made a maximum of 2 weeks from the start of the initial rental schedule.
  3. Termination of Agreement
    1. JAXCAR reserves the right to terminate the rental period as well as tow the vehicle without prior notice, if:
      1. Tenants are not willing to be surveyed;
      2. The tenant is known to be unable to drive a vehicle properly which is feared to cause unwanted things (accidents, etc.);
      3. The survey results and pre-order verification are invalid (the rental fee will be refunded 100% of the total transaction value);
      4. Violate the applicable Terms and Conditions;
      5. Have a record of high accident frequency during the rental period;
      6. If False Documents and/or Data are found regarding the identification of the Tenant;
      7. If it is found that the Tenant violates the relevant provisions in the Terms and Conditions of the lease at no. 26 and 29-33;
    2. All things caused by point (1) above, the rental fee that has been paid and/or if there is still a remaining rental period, it cannot be returned to the Tenant / NON – REFUNDABLE.
    3. It should be understood that under no circumstances, according to the date of the agreement, the Lessee must deliver and return the vehicle to JAXCAR in good and complete condition.
    4. At the time of returning the vehicle, the Renter and JAXCAR must jointly check and re-ensure that there are no items/documents belonging to the Tenant left in the vehicle. After completion of the rental and Final Handover, JAXCAR is not responsible for the loss of goods/documents left in the vehicle.
    5. If the Renter returns the vehicle before the rental period ends, the remaining rental fee is non-refundable for any reason (NON-REFUNDABLE).
    6. If the Tenant returns the vehicle with the BBM position in excess of the BBM position at the beginning of the lease, the excess BBM cannot be returned in any form (NON-REFUNDABLE).
    7. ‘All forms of deviation and/or violation of the applicable Terms and Conditions are entirely the responsibility of the Tenant, and JAXCAR has the right to take legal action in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia.

Rent a Car with Driver


1. No refunds for vehicle rental cancellations


1. The use of a rental car per day with a driver is a maximum of Pk. 22.00.

2. If you exceed the terms of use (over time) you will be charged 10% per hour of the rental price, and paid directly on the spot when the car is finished.


1. Prices do not include toll fees, parking, fuel, entrance tickets to tourist attractions, driver’s meals, and driver’s lodging costs (if staying overnight).

2. The driver’s meal fee is IDR 50,000 / day, the driver’s lodging fee is IDR 150,000 / day

3. Prices are only valid for the inner city area.

4. If you are traveling out of town, you must choose the available options.

5. The car owner has the right to charge an additional fee for pick-up with a distance of more than 20 km for IDR 50,000.

6. For airport pick-up, the renter will be charged an additional fee of IDR 150,000.

7. Loss or damage to the renter’s property is beyond the responsibility of the car owner and JAXCAR.

8. For out-of-town use outside of the available options, it is mandatory to notify

9. For changes to the rental schedule, it can be done a maximum of 2 weeks from the start of the initial rental schedule