Your unused car could
turn into passive income


Why Become Our Partner?

JAXCAR does not charge any fees for those of you who want to leave your rental vehicle, instead we will provide you with money.
JAXCAR will always carry out promotions, SMS Blast, Whatsapp Blast, Google Ads and even print media to optimize your income.
JAXCAR pre-screens people who will rent a car, from the age of the Sim Card he uses, personal data and even installing an app on the tenant's cellphone.
GPS installation to monitor the position of the vehicle as well as being able to turn off the vehicle unit if needed. Advanced features like tapping, area restriction, etc
JAXCAR always performs routine maintenance on partner fleets that are left for rent with oil changes, cleaning and engine checks
JAXCAR provides financial reports if the second party, namely the partner, wants to know how much income from the car unit that is being rented out and free of charge.
The driver recruitment process is layered, starting from a Home Survey, a Survey to the Environment / RT, and guaranteeing important documents such as diplomas, family cards, etc. guarantee a reliable and accountable driver.


Manage Your Car

Leave your car with JAXCAR and let us manage it. You will get extra income from the car without having to do any business.

Security System

No need to worry about the safety of your car. Cars are always monitored because JAXCAR is equipped with GPS on/off switches, tapping devices, and tenant tracking devices.

Insurance Covered

Your car will be guaranteed by loss insurance, so you don't have to hesitate to hand it over to us.

Promote Your Car

Leave your car marketing to JAXCAR. We will promote in various media so that you get maximum income.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is JAXCAR?

1What is JAXCAR?
JAXCAR is a car rental service – self driving or with driver
2What are JAXCAR Partners?
JAXCAR partners are car owners who leave their cars at JAXCAR for daily or monthly rental
3How to become a Partner in JAXCAR?
You can fill out the form and our team will contact you no later than 72 working hours from the time of filling out the form.
4What are the advantages of leaving a car rental at JAXCAR?
Net monthly passive income up to 4 million rupiah per month (after deducting sales commission and operational, maintenance, etc.) Car security with GPS tracker and insurance protection from our partners.

Partner JAXCAR

1What are the requirements to become a JAXCAR Partner?
Have MVP type cars such as Avanza, Brio, innova, etc. Cars with automatic or manual transmission. Car has all-risk insurance (Or will have) Vehicle age is not more than 5 years The car's STNK is still active for at least the next 4 months
2How do JAXCAR Partners earn income?
Every day your unit is rented, you will get income according to a predetermined rate. This income will be reduced by JAXCAR service fees and operational costs for your vehicle, such as GPS costs, maintenance, etc. Revenue will be reported and paid monthly to JAXCAR Partners.
3Is the car tax mandatory?
Mandatory – at least 4 months still running when the car is handed over.
4Does the car have to be covered by insurance?
Your car must be covered by all-risk insurance. JAXCAR will provide additional insurance in the form of loss insurance (theft by driver) which will be charged to the customer.

JAXCAR Business Scheme

1Profit-sharing system
So, for example, we have a Toyota Avanza car to manage, for example, then every time our car is used we will also get a share of income. The amount of the determined profit sharing is different for each agreement. There are 65% for managers and 35% for car owners, but there are also 70: 30. The policies of car rental business owners and agreements with car owners are the main keys.
2Monthly Money System
For vehicles used for car rental, a monthly cooperation system. Then the car owner fixedly gets a certain amount of income. There are numbers ranging from 3 to 4 million per month depending on the type of car being managed. Avanza type cars of course the value will be different from Mitsubitshi Pajero right? A hefty amount isn't it that our car is idle and unused?