comfort and most have vastly different expectations

Self Drive Hire Driver


Drive Further Activate The Future

Self Drive Hire Driver


ready to accompany you and your family on every trip

Self Drive Hire Driver


Fresh, stylish, and more luxurious in every trip

Self Drive Hire Driver


Accelerate your journey With Remarkable Efficiency

Hire Driver


Advanced technology to accompany you through any adventure

Hire Driver


Provides a premium driving experience and is suitable for families

Hire Driver


Always feel like the King and Queen drive around town

Hire Driver


provide the best comfort for many passengers

Hire Driver

Isuzu Elf

Maximum Profit: More Efficient and More Powerful

Hire Driver


Driving performance and a more airtight cabin

Hire Driver


  1. Prices may be changed at any time without further notice
  2. Prices do not apply to special holiday days.
  3. Prices do not include fuel, parking, tolls, driver meals and driver accommodation (if staying).
  4. Excess rental hours will be subject to a 10%/hour charge, more than 3 hours will be calculated as 1 full day rate (unlocked).
  5. In the city only the location of Banda Aceh and large parts of Aceh.
  6. Out-of-town prices only apply for round-trip distances below 350 km, the rest of the additional tariffs are adjusted to the distance to the destination city, and do not accept orders outside the island of Sumatra(hire driver), only accept orders for the maximum destination of Medan(self drive).
  7. For out-of-town use, self drive with a round-trip distance of more than 350km, a minimum order of 2 days is required.
  8. For long-distance use outside the city with a driver, a minimum rental of 2 days 1 night.
  9. Getting car can only be at the office address and at the airport (if delivered/picked up to the airport, a fee of IDR 150.000 1x way).
  10. Driver working hours only from 7.00AM – 21.00PM

Meetings & Groups Car Rentals

From weddings, reunions, or group retreats to corporate meetings and conferences - some events just require guests to have their own transportation. Book five or more rentals for your next big event and get great low group rates!